They’ve already released one AR for their new album.

Have you heard? Gorillaz are releasing a new album Humanz on April 29. In anticipation, the animated band have released a new augmented reality app called The Lenz. The app reveals exclusive Gorillaz content when it is pointed at anything magenta, like the T-Mobile logo.

The Lenz was made in collaboration with Electronic Beats who will host the first-ever on-camera Q&A with Gorillaz members Murdoch and 2D. It goes down tomorrow at 10am EST and is presented by BBC 1’s MistaJam. Fans can submits questions before the interview tomorrow.

Earlier this month, Gorillaz released a different AR app that superimposed parts of their new music videos, including their record-breaking clip for ‘Saturnz Barz’, onto your real life. Revisit that video below and check out The Lenz for iOS or Android.



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