Common and Tina Fey write tributes to the artists.

Chance the Rapper and Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) are among those named in Time’s list of the 100 most influential people of 2017.

Common and Tina Fey were picked to write tributes to Chance and Glover, because, according to Time, “some challenges are best explained by those who have shared them.”

In Common’s tribute, he reveals that he actually called Chance as a child and encouraged him to rap.

“Years ago, my grandmother asked me to call her friend’s grandson. ‘I want you to give him some words of encouragement,’ she said. ‘He wants to be a rapper,'” he writes. “She gave me his number, and I left him a message. I told him to keep following his dreams. Then I forgot all about it.”

Common says he was impressed by the young rapper when his daughter played Acid Rap, but it wasn’t until they later met and Chance thanked him for the call that he realized the coincidence.

Tina Fey praised Glover’s Atlanta and fondly remembered him working as a staff writer on her show 30 Rock while still living in New York University dorms.

Donald Glover receives a tribute from his former 30 Rock boss Tina Fey, who praises his show Atlanta and fondly remembers him working as a staff writer on her show while still living in New York University dorms.

Other tributes include Lin-Manuel Miranda honoring actor and Swet Shop Boys rapper Riz Ahmed, A$AP Rocky writing about Raf Simmons and DJ Khaled thanking (major) key Snapchat developer Evan Spiegel.

Finally, if you’d like to puke all of your guts out City Of The Living Dead-style, Taylor Swift has written a tribute to Ed Sheeran.

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