In addition to her upcoming festival shows.

Solange has announced she has no plans for a traditional tour in support of recent album A Seat At The Table, instead hinting at a series of special upcoming museum performances.

Talking to Complex at Coachella over the weekend, the US star revealed that she has planned two different kind of shows. “I have one that is more a performance piece show that is being performed in museums — and more in the art context. And then I have festival shows. As of now, I’ve not scheduled a proper tour in the more traditional sense.”

Solange also went on to praise the artistic freedom that planning the shows has afforded her. “I’ve had a really, really great time: musically arranging, choreographing, art directing, costume designing — this is where I thrive and get so much joy.”

No dates have been announced as yet, but the ‘Cranes in the Sky’ artist will reveal a multimedia installation at the Guggenheim Museum later this month, as part of RBMA NYC.

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