A 16-track opus from the Iranian-born, Dutch-raised singer.

Last November, following a string of singles and EPs going back to 2012, Sevdaliza announced that her debut album would arrive this year – and today, she Beyoncéd it with no warning.

Ison, released on Sevdaliza’s own Twisted Elegance label, is as lush, meditative and carefully crafted a work as you might expect from an artist who has been so meticulous about her aesthetic to date. It comes with a full album visual, courtesy of fellow Iranian-born digital artist and long-time collaborator Hirad Sab, in which the ISON cover art – a handcrafted mask of Sevdaliza’s head, by sculptor Sarah Sitkin – is morphed in distorted in slow motion as the album progresses.

Watch the ISON visual and find the tracklist below.


01. ‘Shahmaran’
02. ‘Libertine’
03. ‘Marilyn Monroe’
04. ‘Hubris’
05. ‘Amandine Insensible’
06. ‘Hero’
07. ‘Scarlette’
08. ‘Bluecid’
09. ‘Lovesway’
10. ‘Human’
11. ‘Do You Feel Real’
12. ‘The Language Of Limbo’
13. ‘Replaceable’
14. ‘Grace’
15. ‘When I Reside’
16. ‘Angel’

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