Just your everyday white nationalist hip-hop musical, brought to life.

Long before he became Donald Trump’s chief strategist, former Breitbart News chairman Steve Bannon attempted a career as a Hollywood script writer. It didn’t go great. With his writing partner Julia Jones, Bannon came up with various treatments that never became movies, including a reworking of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus into a hip-hop musical about the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

In Bannon and Jones’ tale, Menenius Agrippa, a senator of Rome, is recast as “Agrippa, ‘Mack Daddy’ of South Central, an ORIGINAL GANGSTA (O.G.) upper-echelon Blood”, while the dialogue ranges from awkward to toe-curling: “They say! Fuck they! They hang out shooting pool and think they know what’s going down – who’s up, who’s out, who bounds, and if there’s crack enough. If I had my way, I’d make a quarry of these slaves.”

Now we have live-action proof of this terrible idea: someone’s got their hands on the script. NowThis News staged a reading of the screenplay with a cast of comic actors including Cedric Yarbrough (Reno 911!), Gary Anthony Williams (The Boondocks), Rob Corddry (Ballers) and Nyima Funk (Whose Line Is It Anyway). They do their best with some tricky material – watch the video below.

Meanwhile, Bannon is reportedly hanging by a thread in the White House, frozen out from top-level decisions and jostling with Trump’s son-in-law for the president’s ear. Maybe he should write a screenplay about it?

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