Bruce Springsteen is also on the invite list.

Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama have unveiled the design for the Obama Presidential Center – a three-building campus in Chicago’s Jackson Park that includes his library, a museum, auditorium, an outdoor park area and a recording studio.

According to Obama’s website, it will be “a living, working center — an ongoing project where we will shape, together, what it means to be a good citizen in the 21st century,” with the center itself creating around 200-300 jobs.

As CNN reports, the former US president said that the space would also include a music recording studio “where I can invite Chance or Bruce Springsteen, depending on your taste, to come here and talk about how you can record music that has social commentary and meaning.” See a video about the project.

Throughout his eight year run as President, Obama demonstrated a passion for music that ranged from making Spotify playlists to inviting artists like Chance to perform at the White House. He’s also been vocal about his admiration for Kendrick and peeled back the curtains on his actual home hi-fi setup.



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