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FACT mix 600: J. G. Biberkopf

J. G. Biberkopf turns in a sprawling mix of belching club rattles, distorted drones and pneumatic beats.

Lithuanian DJ and producer Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf first made himself known in 2013, when one of his tracks (‘For The Women’) appeared on Bok Bok’s Fade To Mind mix. Since then, his ascent has been measured and steady: influential mixes for Truants and The Astral Plane; acclaimed releases on Kuedo’s Knives imprint; and a beloved show on London’s NTS.

It’s Biberkopf’s unique fusion of disparate sounds that has achieved him notoriety. There’s no shortage of contemporary club DJs working with unusual blends, but Biberkopf eschews eclecticism in favor of refined mayhem. His mixes bash together elements of grime, techno, club and experimental electronic music but aren’t combative or dull. Instead he uses each element as an instrument, allowing haunting drones to tumble over pounding rhythms with surprising ease.

Biberkopf’s FACT mix is no different – here he melts Tim Hecker and Kara-lis Coverdale with Cut Hands, Nkisi and Gage’s unforgettable remix of Kelela’s ‘Gomenasai’. Elsewhere, you might hear Oneohtrix Point Never, Elysia Crampton or Glacial Industries’ v1984. It’s an unpredictable, yet expertly pieced together tapestry of deconstruction – and we don’t say that lightly.


JGB – ‘Indirect Flights 2’
Steve Moore – ‘Aldebran Exchange’
Helena Gough – ‘Ossel Hitch’
Ksiezyc – ‘Chod’
Ssaliva – ‘Amo’
Peter Van Riper – ‘Long Note’
Tim Hecker – ‘Black Phase’
Kara-lis Coverdale – ‘SAP_H’
Ssaliva – ‘Protection 4’
Michel Speers – ‘awr ;;ned’
Sentinel – ‘Stuck’
Waterhouse – ‘0000000’
Cut Hands – ‘Eat Them Like’
Stranger – ‘Play Some Rave For Me’
Kelela – ‘Gomenasai’ (Gage Remix)
Dj Delish – ‘Banji Cunt’ (Harami Mami Bootleg)
Nkisi – ‘Mokonzi’
The Moon – ‘Blow The Speakers’ (Naffie & Dj Chukie Remix)
Megamind – ‘Taub’
Elysia Cramption – ‘Dummy Track’ (ft. Why Be & Chino Amobi)
Hvad – ‘Angst’
Kavadi – ‘Vel Muruga Vel’
v1984 – ‘Dior x Dread’ (Khole edit)
Oneothrix Point Never – ‘Mutant Standard’
Aqua Contact – ‘La Sirena’
v1984 – ‘Stoned Paris Drumz Hybrid’ (edit)
Misjah & Tim – ‘Access’
Cosmic Gate – ‘Fire Wire’
Juliana Barwick – ‘Same’
Clara Mondshine – ‘Lo and Li’
Perception – ‘Mirage’
Matthew Dryhurst – ‘Prism Mod’
Lakker – ‘Maesiantkering Gating’
No Man’s Land – ‘Low Frequencies’
G-Shock – ‘Demons’ (Promo remix)
E-Rick & Tactic – ‘We Won’t Stop Rocking’
The Headbanger – ‘Sweet Dreams You Bastard’
DJ Isaac – ‘Bad Dreams’
Nkisi – ‘When You Least Expect It’
Phrenetic Systems – ‘Reality’
Dj Tom & Norman – ‘Tales of Mystery’
Cut Hands – ‘Brown-Brown’
RMB – ‘Redemption’
DJ Hitchhiker & DJ Jacques Dumont – ‘Raindrops’
ADR – ‘Advice’
Ssaliva – ‘I Appreciate Your Concern’
Colin Self – ‘The Birth (Finale?)’
TÕLE – ‘Thirst’

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