Hear the single ‘Brand New Dubplate’.

Madd Again! — the crew of producer Zed Bias and MCs Trigga, Killa Benz and Specialist Moss — have announced MaddTing Vol. 2.1, a new EP on Swing Ting, our favorite label of 2016.

Today you can hear the first single ‘Brand New Dubplate’ which features all three MCs at once. Another track from the EP, the solo MC Trigga showcase ‘Bawlout’, appeared on Swing Ting’s excellent FACT mix to kick off this year.

Listen to Swing Ting’s mix below and look for MaddTing Vol. 2.1 May 19.


01. ‘Watagwan Yo’
02. ‘Bawlout’
03. ‘Bun Down’
04. ‘Chatterbox’
05. ‘Brand New Dubplate’



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