Watch video gaming’s rarest console do what it was born for.

Sony and Nintendo’s aborted console collaboration is now able to play games thanks to an awe-inspiring custom modification.

In the latest episode of his YouTube show, renowned console modder Ben Heck shows how he managed to get the legendary Nintendo PlayStation Super Disc console’s CD drive up and running.

After opening it up and working out that a mystery chip was a switchboard for the console, he mapped out the motherboard and replaced several capacitors, bringing the CD drive back to life.

While no games were officially released for the console, hobby developers had been working on games based on how they thought the system would run, and one such game called Magic Floor was able to play (with glitches) after Heck burned the .iso file to disc.

The Nintendo PlayStation was developed by Nintendo and Sony in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s as a joint project, before the companies parted ways and Sony went on to create the first PlayStation.

It only existed as a prototype, but was designed to play both SNES cartridges and CD-ROM discs – a technology that was then still in its infancy. It was intended to be both an add-on for existing systems and a standalone console.

In 2015 Terry and Dan Diebold managed to get hold of a prototype of the console at auction for just $75, and Heck last year managed to get the console to play SNES cartridges.

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