Could this be one of the songs included in Twin Peaks?

Johnny Jewel has released ‘Insomnia’, another track from his upcoming solo album Windswept that comes with some extremely Twin Peaks-inspired visuals.

Earlier this week, Jewel released the opener ‘Television Snow’ and revealed that Windswept features tracks included in the revival of Twin Peaks due later this month. Judging from its Laura Palmer-style video, ‘Insomnia’ might be a good candidate.

Though this track is a solo piece, the album features other Jewel-affiliated bands Symmetry, Heaven and Glass Candy, as well as tracks credited to Desire and Chromatics.

As for Chromatics, don’t except to hear their long-awaited Dear Tommy anytime soon. It was recently revealed Jewel destroyed all copies of the new album and has restarted recording.

Listen to ‘Television Snow’ below.



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