Featuring a song called ‘Love in the time of Kanye’.

Shabazz Palaces have unveiled a new album Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines to be released alongside the previously announced Quazarz: Born a Gangster Star. Today you can hear the first single ‘30 Clip Extension’.

The band’s third and fourth albums are due July 14 via Sub Pop who describe the latter as an “extra-spatial twin” and an expansion of Quazarz’s universe, placing the cosmic character in “the turnt-up states of Amurderca here on the Gangster Star to chronicle, explore and enjoy as a musical emissary.”

“He discovers a world where humankind’s relationship with their tech-devices has become weirdly sensual, seducing a sedentary seamlessness with humans, while capturing and incarcerating the results of their imagination,” the description reads. “Quazarz vs The Jealous Machines finds our protagonist with his dazzling cohorts rising a collective Nah to the device and the guilds that proliferate them.”

The album includes collaborations with Fly Guy Dai of Chimurenga Renaissance, Amir Yaghamai, John Carroll Kirby, Morgan Henderson, The Shogun Shot, Laz, Purple Tape Nate and Thaddillac (who appeared on the first album’s single ‘Shine A Light’. The album also features a track called ‘Love in the time of Kanye’.

Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines and Quazarz: Born a Gangster Star are out July 14 via Sub Pop. Take a look at the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Welcome to Quazarz’
02. ‘Gorgeous Sleeper Cell’
03. ‘Self-MadeFollownaire’
04. ‘Atlaantis’
05. ‘Effeminence’ [featt. Fly Guy Dai of Chimurenga Renaissance]
06. ‘Julian’s Dream’ (ode to a bad) [feat. The Shogun Shot]
07. ’30 Clip Extension’
08. ‘Love in the time of Kanye’ [feat. Purple Tape Nate]
09. ‘Sabonim in the Saab on ‘em’
10. ‘The SS Quintessence’
11. ‘Late night phone calls’ [feat. Laz]
12. ‘Quazarz on 23rd’



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