Gordon Cole and Albert Rosenfield on screen together again.

The latest trailer for Twin Peaks has arrived ahead of the show’s highly anticipated return this month.

The latest is titled “It Is Happening Again” — the tagline for the returning show — and offers some creepy moments, new faces and David Lynch and the late Miguel Ferrer reprising their roles as FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole and pathologist Albert Rosenfield. Lynch even gets a line, exclaiming “Albert!” to his colleague.

As the show’s return grows closer more details have appeared. In a feature by Variety this week, co-creator Mark Frost warned “It’s going to be very different this time around.” Showtime CEO David Nevins also revealed that Lynch’s Gordon Cole has a more prominent role.

Finally speculation is growing heavily that Laura Dern will play the Diane, the unseen assistant Kyle McLaughlin’s Agent Cooper is constantly addressing his tape recorded notes to.

Watch it below and look for Twin Peaks‘ grand return on May 21.



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