And his upcoming album is no longer named SAY10.

Marilyn Manson has acted consistently throughout his career, but his upcoming performance as an icy hitman in Let Me Make You A Martyr has gained attention as his biggest and best role yet. You can now see him in action in a new trailer premiered by The AV Club.

Described as a revenge thriller about a pair of siblings attempting to kill their abusive crimeboss father, Manson has been one of the biggest draws for the film since its festival debut last year as a hitman hired to intervene.

“We set out to tell a story that was true to us and our struggles with addiction and abuse,” said the writing/directing team John Swab and Corey Asraf. “After 10 years of dreaming and never giving up, we are thrilled to finally share this film with the world.”

Speaking of long-awaited projects, Manson recently offered an update on his delayed new album SAY10. It has since been renamed with the way less dumb title of Heaven Upside Down and is finished. With Manson planning to tour this summer, you can probably expect new details soon.

Let Me Make You A Martyr hits VOD June 9 and will have a limited run in theaters starting May 25. Watch another trailer below.



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