A decade’s worth of music from the legendary electronic composer.

Early electronic music composer Raymond Scott will have a treasure trove of essential and extremely rare recordings collected on the new release Three Willow Park: Electronic Music from Inner Space, 1961-1971 out June 30 via Basta Music.

From having his music adapted for Warner Bros. cartoons to inventing early electronic music instruments to releasing the classic (and recently reissued) Soothing Sounds For Baby series, Scott’s electronic music was famously ahead of its time and touched on sounds like techno and ambient music decades before those terms even existed.

Three Willow Park, which is also available on CD and digitally, compiles 61 tracks cataloging Scott’s work at his New York-based Willow Park Center studio up to 1971 when he left for Los Angeles to work for Motown. Many of the tracks feature Scott’s own inventions such as the Electronium and Clavivox instruments and capture a musician unimaginably ahead of his time.

Below you can listen to the gorgeous ‘Portofino’, a well-known track that will appear in two previously unreleased versions on the upcoming collection.



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