The right-wing publication dug up a series of the MC’s offensive and incendiary tweets dating back to 2010.

Last weekend, grime don JME met up with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to discuss why he thinks young people don’t vote. The meeting cemented a relationship between grime and Labour that has been bubbling away for the past few years, with Novelist, AJ Tracey and others all having voiced their support.

Yesterday (May 16) the Daily Mail – the UK’s leading right-wing newspaper – decided to go after JME in a piece that dug up a number of tweets from his account dating back to 2010. These tweets included “bomb the whitehouse,” and “fuck the queen”.

Two highly offensive tweets also included a rape joke (“rape had been “renamed” to ”surprise sex”) and an antisemitic RT about Jewish people being tight with money.

Now the Boy Better Know MC has tweeted to defend himself against allegations of antisemitism and misogyny, posting a screenshot of the full timeline that explains the antisemitic RT was part of “a series of “sweating more than” hashtags, which played on Jewish being rich.” He says, however, that he still “doesn’t get the antisemite part.”

In a reply to his own tweet earlier today, JME also claimed he’s just “perpetuating a stereotype,” because, “isn’t that what most jokes are?”

JME credited the rape joke to British comedian Jimmy Carr who has previously used the line: “What is rape anyway but ‘surprise sex’?”

FACT has reached out to JME’s representative for comment.



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