A new SH-101 perhaps?

Roland is launching two new synthesizers alongside additions to its drum and guitar ranges next month.

June 20 will see the launch of two new synths as part of Roland’s next big product launch event, which sees new gear revealed every Friday for four weeks from the end of May.

May 26 sees four new drum/percussion products launched, June 1 will be the launch date for two guitar and two pro video products, while June 23 sees the launch of a further four guitar products.

Roland hasn’t given any hints as to what the new synthesizers will be, but the last time the company held a launch event like this, the company introduced new versions of the iconic TB-303 synth and TR-909 drum machine.

The TB-03 and TR-09 as they’re known, are part of the company’s Boutique range, which the company has been using to bring back classic synths in a smaller format.

It’s possible that at least one of the new synths could be a new Boutique synth or drum machine: the TR-808 is ripe for a reissue, as is the SH-101. However, it’s also possible that Roland could be planning a new synth for its AIRA line or for its cloud-based software service, RolandCloud.

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