Eight sketches under 20 seconds in length and six full tracks.

Experimental Virginia producer Elysia Crampton has released her fourth album, Spots y Escupitajo, on The Vinyl Factory label. It is her first release since 2016’s Elysia Crampton Presents: Demon City, an album of collaborations with producers from Rabit to Chino Amobi.

Spots y Escupitajo comprises eight untitled sound sketches – the “spots” portion – and six full tracks that range from piano compositions to Crampton’s familiar full-blooded electronic explorations – the “escupitajo”, or “spittle”. One cut, ‘Chuqui Chinchay’, is named after an ancient Inca dual-gender god who could only be attended by third-gender shamans, continuing Crampton’s themes of honoring her heritage and exploring gender.

Stream ‘Promesa’ and ‘Spittle (Safeway Parking Lot)’ and check the tracklist below.


01. ‘Spot 01
02. ‘Spot 02
03. ‘Spot 03’
04. ‘Spot 04’
05. ‘Spot 05
06. ‘Spot 06’
07. ‘Spot 07’
08. ‘Battle & Screams’
09. ‘Gold Country Vapor
10. ‘Promesa
11. ‘Spot 08’
12. ‘Chuqui Chinchay’
13. ‘Spittle (Safeway Parking Lot)
14. ‘Sombra Blanca Misteriosa (Y Rara)’

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