The new “5D touch” keyboard costs under $300.

ROLI is expanding its mobile Blocks platform with a portable new pressure-responsive keyboard called the Seaboard Block.

The Blocks system was launched by the UK company last year, and allows anyone to build a modular control system built around one pressure-sensitive and two control “Blocks” named Lightpad, Loop, Touch and Live.

ROLI’s new Seaboard Block is a more traditional-looking instrument. It’s a more compact version of its Seaboard Rise keyboard, capable of detecting how you strike, glide, slide, press and lift each key, adding expression accordingly.

It costs  $299 (£279, €329), which is considerably less expensive than the larger Seaboard controllers and offers more expressive capabilities than a lot of standard MIDI controllers for the same price.

The new keyboard snaps to existing products in the line using the magnetic connectors. It’s also possible to connect multiple Seaboard Blocks if you want more than two octaves.

The Seaboard Block is available to order now along with the other Blocks, which cost £169.95 ($179.95) and £69.95 ($79.95) each.

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