The Behringer D gets a price cut and it’s not even on the shelves yet.

Behringer‘s Minimoog clone is now available to pre-order at a much lower price than it was originally expected to retail for.

The Behringer D module is now selling for just $299 – $100 less than the budget gear specialist originally said it was going to cost when it was unveiled in Berlin in April.

It’s not clear why Behringer has dropped the price so considerably, but it may be a reaction to the recent announcement of Roland’s $499 SE-02, an analog synthesizer that appears to be heavily influenced by the Minimoog.

Behringer’s Minimoog clone proved controversial when it was announced in March, with the widow of analog chip inventor Doug Curtis speaking out against the practice of cloning vintage synths.

Company founder Uli Behringer has maintained that there’s nothing wrong with cloning vintage gear. “The general rule and the law clearly describe that technology is free for everyone to use, provided it is not protected,” he said in a forum post.

However, Behringer’s synth isn’t an exact replica of the Minimoog: it gets rid of the keyboard and puts the circuitry inside a Eurorack-compatible module.

The Behringer D is available to pre-order from Sweetwater now. Behringer has two other analog synths in the pipeline: the six-voice DeepMind 6 polysynth and a desktop version of its DeepMind 12 synth.

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