More artists and venues will be announced in the coming months.

Sheffield’s No Bounds festival has announced the first list of performers for its inaugural event, which includes Laurel Halo, Jeff Mills, Inga Copeland, Juliana Huxtable, Swing Ting, DJ Stingray and Terre Thaemlitz. See the full phase one lineup below.

In addition to what’s already shaping up to be a pretty excellent party, the festival will host coding workshops – including female-only options – along with talks and discussions.

No Bounds takes place October 13-15 at various venues across Sheffield, including Hope Works, Trafalgar Warehouse, 99 Mary Street, Access Art Space and more TBA. It all kicks off on the Friday afternoon and ends Sunday evening, with two simultaneous raves at Hope Works and Trafalgar Warehouse on the Saturday night.

For tickets and more info, visit the No Bounds site.

Phase one lineup:

Jeff Mills
Dj Stingray
Terre Thaemlitz (live AV)
Laurel Halo (live)
Om Unit
Vakula (Live)
Michael Serafini
Rashad Becker (Live)
Sensate Focus (Live)
Timedance showcase Ft Batu + Giant Swan (Live)
Swing Ting
Kara – lis – Coverdale (live)
Juliana Huxtable
Minor Science
Inga Copeland
Steevio & Suzybee (Live AV)
Ross From Friends (Live)
CPU Showcase Ft Annie Hall + Microlith
Algorave Ft Yaxu + Joanne +Miri Kat + more TBA
Graham Dunning (Live)
Offmenut Records
University Of Sheffield Sound Laboratory
Yorkshire Sound Women Network
Inclusion Principle

Visual artists
Mikk Murray

Spoken word artists
Ralph Dartford And the Bleeding Obvious

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