Kanye was one of the original artists to invest support in the streaming platform.

Kanye West, who is a co-owner of Jay-Z’s Tidal, has reportedly left the company following a dispute over an unpaid bonus.

Sources connected to the streaming platform have told TMZ that West is claiming Jay-Z owes him more than $3 million for The Life of Pablo, which helped the streaming platform gain 1.5 million new subscribers. West is also alleging that Tidal has failed to reimburse him for music videos.

According to TMZ, West’s lawyers sent a letter to Tidal a month ago stating that the company was in breach of contract and that the contract would be terminated. Lawyers for each artist failed to find a resolution after two weeks.

Tidal is claiming that Kanye failed his contractual obligation to deliver the required music videos.  The music platform will reportedly sue Jay-Z for breach of contract if the US rapper jumps ship to another streaming platform. Jay-Z has responded to this legal threat by claiming he will counter-sue.

News of the dispute follows the release of Jay-Z’s ‘Kill Jay-Z’ track, on which fans have suggested that the rapper appears to take aim at Kanye. The song is featured on Jay-Z’s new 4:44 album, which was released exclusively on Tidal last week.



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