The modular maestro charts a path from birth to death on her next release.

Modular synth composer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has announced The Kid, a new album on Western Vinyl due this fall.

Following 2016’s EARS and Sunergy, her collaborative album with synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani, Smith takes an even more ambitious conceptual approach on The Kid with the album focusing on four primary stages in a person’s life.

The album’s 13 tracks move in an arc from birth to death, with first single ‘An Intention’ capturing the playful early days of childhood before self-awareness fully kicks in.

The Kid is out October 6 on Western Vinyl. Take a look at the tracklist below and get a deeper look at Smith’s modular synths in the video below.


01. ‘I Am A Thought’
02. ‘An Intention’
03. ‘A Kid’
04. ‘In The World’
05. ‘I Am Consumed’
06. ‘In The World, But Not Of The World’
07. ‘I Am Learning’
08. ‘To Follow And Lead’
09. ‘Until I Remember’
10. ‘Who I Am And Why I Am Where I Am’
11. ‘I Am Curious, I Care’
12. ‘I Will Make Room For You’
13. ‘To Feel Your Best’

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