Hear the opening track from her new EP, arriving this week.

London producer E.M.M.A. returns this Friday with LA Mermaid, her second release on Astral Plane Recordings, and today you can hear the atmospheric opening epic ‘Magna Kanye’.

The track couldn’t be a better introduction to E.M.M.A.’s minimalist, razor sharp, approach to club music and that’s exactly how she intended it.

“I actually made this track to open up the very first Angel Food [NTS] radio show me and Aimee Cliff did. I wanted to make a statement of intent,” she explains in a statement. “It was soon after we saw Kanye at Glastonbury too. I was watching a video of him in the studio and he was talking to one of his engineers like ‘That’s the easy way out man! This is my fight!’ And I was like woah, he’s right. We have to fight for our creative vision.”

In addition to working on her next album, E.M.M.A. recently continued her series of all-female electronic music production classes, enlistening Nightwave to teach a class alongside her.

Look for LA Mermaid July 14 via Astral Plane Recordings and listen to the title track below.



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