Featuring Merzbow, Nocturnal Emissions and more.

A new vinyl compilation from UK record label Contort Yourself unearths a collection of electronic, industrial, experimental and minimal synth rarities from the 1980s underground cassette scene.

Titled 80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1, the release promises “a buffet of beaten up and brutalised tracks from unknown outfits and respected experimenters” and includes noise pioneer Merzbow, dark ambient project Nocturnal Emissions and plenty of hidden gems.

Listen to a 40 minute mix highlighting some of the release and pre-order it here.


A1. East End Butchers – ‘Assassins’
A2. Magthea – ‘Magthea & Insanity (Extract)’
A3. Missing Persons – ‘Rotten To The Core’
A4. Doxa Sinistra – ‘The Other Stranger’
A5. PCR – ‘Myths Of Seduction & Betrayal (Extract)’

B1. Urbain Autopsy & K… – ‘Tribal Moment’
B2. Human Flesh – ‘Ancient Smiles’
B3. Nocturnal Emissions – ‘Fat Slimey Parasites’
B4. Merzbow – ‘D.D.T.’
B5. DDV – ‘If You’re Looking For Trouble’

C1. ALU – ‘Fies Sein’
C2. Menko – ‘The First Kiss’
C3. Die Klopferbande – ‘Cadillac Im Ghetto’
C4. Jacinthebox – ‘Wipe The Church’
C5. Cripure S.A. – ‘Little Meat’
C6. Software – ‘Human Situation’

D1. Felix Menkar – ‘Buscando El Espacio Interior’
D2. Blackhouse -‘ Numerology’
D3. Ende Shneafliet – ‘Twistin’ On The Tombstones’
D4. Muziekkamer – ‘Being Home Tonight’
D5. Dead Tech – ‘Catalavox’



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