Featuring both the NES and Arcade versions of the ’80s classic.

Konami’s iconic video game Contra will receive its first-ever vinyl soundtrack release this week through Mondo.

The game will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year but has barely aged thanks to its imaginative H.R. Giger-inspired monsters, airtight controls and an unforgiving difficulty that forces players to memorize complex enemy patterns or quickly face a game over screen. It remains one of the most timeless and influential video games of all time.

As a balance to that difficultly, Contra also popularized the most famous cheat code in video game history. The simple “Konami Code” gave players 30 lives (instead of 3) in their attempt to defeat the invading Red Flacon.

Both the original arcade version and better known NES port have soundtracks credited to Konami’s in-house sound team Konami Kukeiha Club, a group that has included everyone from Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka and Castlevania‘s Michiro Yamane. This iteration features Metal Gear Solid composer Kazuki Muraoka on the Arcade version and Hidenori Maezawa and Kiyohiro Sada on the NES.

Order Contra July 19 via Mondo or find it at their San Diego Comic Con booth. Find more pictures of the release and listen to the Contra soundtrack below.

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