Remixes by Traxman, foodman and more on the way.

Nmesh is preparing for a very psychedelic summer with the new album PHARMA due soon on Orange Milk. Today he’s shared the highlight ‘White Lodge Simulation’ remixed by cLOUDDEAD producer and Anticon co-founder Odd Nosdam.

Nmesh’s internet-warped acid trips can veer unpredictably from joyful to terrifying, but ‘White Lodge’ hovers uneasily in-between with eerie atmosphere and a threatening bass groove. It’s balanced, however, by an unexpectedly pretty synth interlude that enters and leaves like a dream.

The remix is one of many on the Pharma bonus cassette which includes Traxman, Death’s Dynamic Shroud, foodman and more. Orange Milk have also revealed the amazing artwork by label boss Keith Rankin (who has a new Giant Claw album on the way).

Look for Pharma on August 4 and listen to his recent track ‘NΞ1✪NΞ1’ below.



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