The 23-track album arrives on Houndstooth in October.

Paul Woolford will release a new album from his pirate radio-inspired Special Request alias on October 13.

The 23-track Belief System was recorded over the past three years with the help of source material from Woolford’s tape archives, which go back to 1993. According to a press release, it brings a “new visceral production aesthetic” to the project, which launched in 2012 with a series of white label releases.

While Woolford’s Special Request alias has previously combined elements of jungle and techno, Belief System sees the sound evolve with “unhinged modular work, contact microphone recordings of icebergs cracking, microtonal elements, and the introduction of stark soundtrack pieces”.

Belief System will be released on Fabric’s Houndstooth label, which issued Special Request’s debut album Soul Music in 2013. Woolford also teamed up with XL Recordings in 2015 to release the three-EP Modern Warfare series. Earlier this year, Special Request helmed Fabriclive 91.

Listen to album track ‘Adel Crag Microdot’ below or on Spotify. Pre-order the album here.


01. ‘Chrysalis’
02. ‘Adel Crag Microdot’
03. ‘Catacombs’
04. ‘Tiresias’
05. ‘Sanctuary’
06. ‘Change’
07. ‘Curtain Twitcher’
08. ‘Scrambled in LS1’
09. ‘Make It Real’
10. ‘Brainstorm’
11. ‘Leviathan’
12. ‘Replicant (Nexus 7 VIP)’
13. ‘Cheyne Stoking’
14. ‘Light In The Darkest Hour’
15. ‘Carex Vesicaria’
16. ‘Advent’
17. ‘Witness’
18. ‘Transmission’
19. ‘Reckoning’
20. ‘Qoriqzona’
21. ‘Five Lane Ends’
22. ‘Ouroboros’
23. ‘In Loving Memory’



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