An unreleased song from the incredible Ruins.

Liz Harris aka Grouper has released ‘Children’, a new single exclusively on Bandcamp for the streaming service’s fundraiser today to raise money for the Transgender Law Center.

Harris explains the track was recorded during the sessions for her stunning album Ruins, one of our favorites of 2014, but it didn’t quite fit.

“I pushed it away, unsure what to do with it, and eventually forgot I’d recorded it,” she explains. “This year, amidst chaotic and painful political times, while working on another project, it reemerged and made more sense.”

As with all purchases today, Bandcamp will donate their cut to the Transgender Law Center. In addition, Harris will donate all proceeds from the track today to the Silvia Rivera Law Center, Transgender Law Center and the Trans Assistance Project.

Listen to Harris’ FACT mix below and for more recommended releases to buy during the fundraiser read our handpicked list here.



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