The Canadian promises she “won’t let u down.”

Grimes has given an update on her next release, explaining in an Instagram video she’s been “in the studio every day trying to legit make something you’ve never heard before.”

“I kno i’ve been quiet lately,” wrote the artist, real name Claire Boucher, teasing “unexplored sonic landscapes” on her follow-up to 2015 album Art Angels. “i need another month or 2 of pure unadulterated creativity at which point i will begin finishing tracks. won’t let u down.”

Boucher made the announcement in an Instagram post promoting her inclusion in Harper’s Bazaar‘s Icons list.

Last April, Grimes claimed she was “halfway done” with the release, which she described as containing “more chill vibes, downtempos, synth-y shit. That makes it sound boring. It’s not boring.”

In November, she went a step further, explaining in an interview with V Magazine: “I’m really vibing on making something really slow and gorgeous that just breathes, and has room to breathe.

“I feel like my work has always been fast paced, kinetic, and almost just manic and I feel like for me the hardest thing I can do is make something that’s slow and heavy.”



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