Plus four new tracks from the R&S staple.

Lone will helm the next DJ-Kicks mix, which is set for release on September 29 via !K7.

As well as four new Lone tracks, the mix features picks from Drexciya, Boards of Canada, Radiohead and Ross From Friends. See the full CD and 2LP tracklist below.

“I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone with this,” said the Nottingham-born producer on his first ever commercial mix. “I’m so used to programming my own material on my own albums, that’s sort of how I approached this one.”

According to the press release, the mix has been purposefully mixed in “a loose, rough way” on a pair of CDJs in Lone’s living room, in the hope that anyone listening will feel like “there were in there with him.”

Lone added that the mix “plays out a bit like a weird midnight radio show: it’s purposefully all over the place, dreamy and trippy, so you can zone in and out.”


01. Casino Versus Japan – ‘Go Hawaii’
02. Heralds Of Change – ‘Spotted’
03. Lone – ‘Brooklyn Banks’
04. Camu Tao – ‘Hold The Floor’
05. Lootpack – ‘Hityawitdat’
06. Lone – ‘Cali Drought’
07. Lone – ‘Alpha Wheel 4’ (Ambient Mix)
08. Boards of Canada – ‘Orange Romeda
09. Gnork – ‘U’
10. John Beltran (presents Nostalgic) – ‘Placid Angles
11. Lone – ‘Arc’
12. E. Myers – ‘Untitled’ (Main Mix)
13. Protect-U – ‘Double Rainbow
14. Lone – ‘Saturday Night’ (DJ-Kicks)
15. Ross From Friends – ‘The Outsiders’
16. Drexciya – ‘Bubble Metropolis
17. Balil – ‘Choke and Fly
18. Radiohead – ‘Worrywort’

A1 Casino Versus Japan – ‘Go Hawaii
A2 Heralds of Change – ‘Spotted’
A3 Camu Tao – ‘Hold the Floor’
B1 Lone – ‘Brooklyn Banks
B2 Boards of Canada – ‘Orange Romeda
B3 Radiohead – ‘Worrywort
C1 Gnork – ‘U
C2 John Beltran – Placid Angels
D1 Lone – ‘Saturday Night’ (DJ-Kicks)
D2 Balil – ‘Choke and Fly’

A1 Lone – ‘Saturday Night’ (DJ-Kicks)
B1 – Lone – ‘Arc’
B2 – Lone – ‘Alpha Wheel 4’ (Ambient Mix)

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