The Internet members Syd and Matt Martians dropped two of 2017’s best releases so far earlier this year, but individual success has only made their collective stronger.

It’s possible to stay together, even when travelling separate paths. That’s the lesson to be learned from LA crew The Internet, who you may have expected to split given the thriving solo careers of its members Syd and Matt Martians.

Their respective albums, Fin and The Drum Chord Theory, saw them splinter from the group to hone their own, individual sounds, winning massive acclaim on the way.

Throw into the mix a teenage wonder kid who writes beats for Kendrick Lamar using only his cell phone, Steve Lacy, and it’s clear there’s something in the water over at Internet HQ. This band is a breeding ground for solo successes.

But The Internet remain stronger than ever and dedicated to staying together, we found out when we linked with the group before their recent show at London’s Scala venue. In fact, it’s a till-death-do-us-part scenario, or so they say. Check out the video above, in which the band tell us their journey to date and unique chemistry.



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