“As if Tangerine Dream made inspirational beach movie tracks.”

Pacific City Sound Visions, the gloriously trippy experimental label run by Spencer Clark, has unearthed a new hidden gem with Tradewinds: The Wavesailing Film‘s original soundtrack available on vinyl for the first time ever.

The 1984 film explored the origins, history and originators of the sport to a score by Chris Eggleton featuring maximalist synth music, over-the-top ’80s pop songs and countless wind and wave sound effects (the last being personal favorite of Clark’s in his own music).

“The pop songs are beach-spiked hits, sounding like New Zealand’s Flying Nun rock or blasted out Prince-chorus funk, but with added film sound FX, the essence of the silver screen begins to creep into the medium of audio disc!” Clark says in praise of the album, adding tat the synth music “sounds as if Tangerine Dream made inspirational beach movie tracks during the height of their Firestarter period.”

The soundtrack is available now Bandcamp and through Light In The Attic. In the meantime, the documentary is available on YouTube and you only need to wait a minute or two before the synth and wavesurfing action ensues..

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