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FACT mix 615: Betty

Parisian DJ Betty mashes electro, gqom, footwork and Sonic the Hedgehog on this expertly mixed showcase.

With a regular show on Rinse France and a popular club night – Bonus Stage – Betty Bensimon, known simply as Betty, is a powerful force in Paris and she’s not afraid of championing music that otherwise might not get the attention it deserves in the French capital.

Uninterested in the Germanic minimal techno that packed Parisian clubs in the early 2010s, Bensimon found herself drawn to Teki Latex and Orgasmic’s Sound Pellegrino family. “I learned everything by seeing Teki Latex and Orgasmic playing, mixing rap and electronic music,” she told Barbiturix in 2015.

And after some DJ lessons from Latex, Bensimon began to develop her own unique style, blending UK grime variations with footwork, Drexciyan electro, videogame music and much more. It’s a style that has brought plenty of followers to her bi-weekly Rinse show and developed a rabid following around her Bonus Stage nights.

Betty’s FACT mix exemplifies her confident style; she favors long, subtle blends over quick cuts and easy drops. As she folds Cybotron and The Other People Place in and out of DJ Lag’s hiccuping ‘Trip to New York’ it’s easy to see why she’s become something of a cult figure in Paris. By the time you get to the cheeky inclusion of Sonic the Hedgehog‘s ‘Green Hill Zone’ theme, you shouldn’t need any more convincing.


Michael Jackson – ‘Captain Eo Preshow music’
Letroset – ‘Skillex’
Legowelt – ‘Load Da Ammo’
Effective Soundz – ‘JoyPad’
Cybotron – ‘El Salvador’
DJ Lag – ‘Trip To New York’
The Other People Place – ‘Let Me Be Me’
Dominowe – ‘Umthakathi’
Yaleesa Hall – ‘Woodall 0244’ (Simo Cell remix)
DJ Lycox – ‘Before the beast mode’
Kim English – ‘Learn 2 Luv (François K’s Atmospheric Mood)’ (Pearson Sound remix)
Wild Planet – ‘Transmitter’
Le Dom – ‘Richter’
Cybonix – ‘Dance Floor’
DJ Vague – ‘Freakout’
Drexciya – ‘Digital Tsunami’
Lorenzo Senni – ‘Forever Headline’
Space Cube – ‘Session’ (Doline Hard Effex edit)
Sonic The Hedgehog – ‘Green Hill Zone’
DJ Rashad – ‘Duffle Bag Juke’
DJ Tamsin & The Monk – ‘A Better Place’ (DJ Trace mix)
Itoa – ‘Paygk’
Starski & Clutch – ‘D’Jit’
DJ Taye – ‘Kushinmylungz’

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