The Gang Fatale member creates an ’80s-inspired jam in 10 minutes. 

Formerly known as Trap Door, TD_Nasty is part of the Gang Fatale collective, a group of young DJs and producers based in London and Manchester whose monthly NTS radio show sees them play everything from R&B and grime to Jersey club.

Having just released his first solo project on Gang Fatale, a five-track EP of ’80s-inspired slow jams and futuristic club rhythms, we linked up with TD_Nasty at his London studio to see what he could come up with in 10 minutes, and he didn’t disappoint.

Combining a thumping drum beat with shimmering keys and live guitar licks, the finished track is a neon-lit lounge jam that sounds like a cross between a Night Slugs track and Prince cover. Listen below and check out TD_Nasty’s new EP on Gang Fatale.

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