Prurient makes a harsh-as-fuck surprise return.

Noise great Dominick Fernow may be busy with projects like the techno-focused Vatican Shadow and the upcoming Hospital Productions anniversary, but that doesn’t mean he’s finished with his most beloved project. Today he’s reissued last year’s Unknown Rains cassette in all its harsh noise glory.

The release followed 2014’s stunning, nuanced double-album Frozen Niagara Falls. While that release charted a nuanced path from soft to heavy, Fernow’s latest brings to mind volcanic earlier Prurient recordings such as Arrowhead and Pleasure Ground (the latter of which was reissued last year).

The album is available again via Hospital Productions. Order it here (and hear some track samples) and find the artwork and tracklist below.

the don gorgon of Hospital Productions


01. ‘Let Me Free Your Mind [Whip The Corpse]’
02. ‘Before Rain Becomes Snow’
03. ‘In The Ruins Of My Brother’
04. ‘Red Poppy Laughter’

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