Relaxer IV is the latest 12″ from the artist formerly known as Ital.

Daniel Martin-McCormick will release his fourth record as Relaxer next week, continuing a series that began in 2016 as an anonymous project.

A-side track ‘Jamie Lee’ is described as “euphoric, agonizing and cathartic”, and is characterized by trance-like synths and harrowing screams. The track was written as the climax to Relaxer’s live set, which debuted at Berghain in February.

The B-side features two tracks: the intense, pulsating ‘Unwind’ and reverb-soaked ambient cut ‘Regime Change’, a track that “gently floats on the surface of a trash-filled sea”.

Martin-McCormick revealed himself as Relaxer last year, retiring the Ital moniker through which he released music on labels including 100% Silk, Planet Mu and his own Lovers Rock. His next show will be at this year’s Sustain-Release festival, which takes place from September 15-17 in upstate New York.

Listen to ‘Jamie Lee’ below and buy Relaxer IV from Bandcamp when it drops on September 11.

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