Their last album arrived in 2013 after a 22-year wait.

My Bloody Valentine may be on the verge of releasing a new album according to a new bio on mastermind Kevin Shield written for his upcoming performance at Sigur Ros’s upcoming Norður og Niður festival.

The bio ends on the festival’s website ends saying Shields is “currently finishing an all analog vinyl version of Loveless and Isn’t Anything and is also working on material for a new My Bloody Valentine album to be released in 2018.”

The statement checks out with Shields’ plans after the band released their nearly mythical third album, m b v 22 years after their 1991 masterpiece Loveless.. In a 2013 interview, he said that aside from finishing the analog versions, “the main plan for next year is to make a new record.”

At the time he even acknowledged the skepticism of fans that a fourth album would ever arrive, but told them to just wait.

“They were also skeptical that we would ever release this record, or play another gig,” he said. “Skepticism is only a time-based reality, and as an ultimate reality, it’s always wrong, because everything always happens. It’s semantics. Musically, I just think in terms of what’s next. There’s a lot of things I’ve always dreamed of doing, and I hope I get to them before I get too deaf.”

Last summer, an Abby Road engineer revealed progress of the analogue remasters. So “new album” would be next on the band’s list.

Revisit where My Bloody Valentine left off with the roaring m b v closer ‘Wonder 2’.



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