It’s Modular Synth Day on FACT! We’re marking the first birthday of our Make Music section with a celebration of modular synths, the artists that use them and the music they make.

The musicians behind London’s world-famous modular synth store make a track in 10 minutes.

If you want to start building your own modular synth, you could do worse than to pay a visit to London Modular. Located in the UK capital’s Hackney Wick, the modular experts know all there is to know about the world of Eurorack, counting Mumdance, Aphex Twin and Radiohead among their customers.

The people behind the store aren’t just salesmen though – they make music as London Modular Alliance, touring their hardware-heavy setup across Europe and beyond, releasing on labels such as ART, Hypercolour and, most recently, Dimensions Recordings.

FACT visited the store and challenged two of the trio, Phil Ventre and Gavin Pykerman, to make a track in just 10 minutes using the array of hardware available in their showroom. It’s an in-store demo like you’ve never seen before.

Find out more by watching The Vinyl Factory’s video feature on the store and grab their their new release on Dimensions Recordings from Bandcamp.

London Modular will also host a new quarterly jam session at London’s Pickle Factory, starting on October 8.



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