The new album was inspired by Plaid, Teenage Fanclub and a bout of bronchitis.

Prins Thomas will release his latest studio album alongside a new label, Prins Thomas Musikk, on November 24.

According to RA, Prins Thomas 5 was inspired by Plaid, Teenage Fanclub, a bout of bronchitis, American jazz guitarist Pet Metheny and homesickness on the road. It was written after 2016’s epic ambient album Principe Del Norte and at the same time as his collaborative album with Bjørn Torske, Square One.

Prins Thomas Musikk is the Norwegian producer and DJ’s second label after Full Pupp, which has been running since 2005. Listen to the acid-tinged, slo-mo album track ‘Æ’ below.


01. ‘Here Comes The Band’
02. ‘Villajoyosa’
03. ‘Bronchi Beat’
04. ‘Αθήνα’
05. ‘Æ’
06. ‘Ø’
07. ‘Lunga Strada’
08. ‘London Til Lisboa’
09. ‘Å’
10. ‘Venter på Torske’
11. ‘Aske Hermansen’



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