An affordable, patchable synth for iPad.

The iPad isn’t short of modular synth apps to get you patching with a touchscreen, but a new instrument called S-Modular might be one of the platform’s simplest.

S-Modular is different from recent virtual modulars such as Softube in that it’s a semi-modular. That means you’re limited to a few modules in a set layout, though you can connect them your own way with virtual patch cables.

According to developer Paul Betowski, S-Modular has “a unique and vintage sound quality, reminiscent of synthesizers from the 70s, warm and rich in character”. Modules include two oscillators, a ladder filter, high and low pass filter, two LFOs, four-step sequencer, audio and CV splitter, two envelope generators and a delay.

S-Modular is available now on the App Store for $3.99. If you like that and want to try another modular synth app for the iPad (or iPhone), check out Moog’s Model 15 app. [via Synthtopia]

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