The sample-based instrument costs just $29.

Few movie soundtracks have inspired musicians as profoundly as Vangelis’s score for Blade Runner has, as detailed on FACT’s recent documentary, Do Androids Dream of Electronic Beats? Kuedo, Gary Numan and Tricky are just a few of the artists that have used the score as a jumping off point, among many others.

The proper way to replicate the Blade Runner soundtrack is with a Yamaha CS-80 (or software version), but LoopLords has just released an affordable VST plugin instrument that combines sound generation with filters, reverb and an LFO in an all-in-one package that costs just $29.

According to the LoopLords website, Replikator uses 63 multi-sampled “Blade Runner-inspired sounds” together with three voice modes: polyphonic (up to 32 voices), monophonic and legato. Based on the track example below it’s no match for a CS-80 plugin, but if you want a quick Blade Runner fix it could be worth a look.

Replikator is available from the LoopLords website for $29. For more Blade Runner, check out FACT’s documentary below and read our interview with Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch on how they made the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack.

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