It comes from the directors of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ video.

Aphex Twin has allowed his 1999 hit ‘Windowlicker’ to be used in a new advert, soundtracking a road safety campaign in the UK.

Titled ‘Pink Kittens’, the new campaign from the Department of Transport’s road safety arm THINK! aims to educate young drivers about the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving.

The 90-second advert was filmed in south London and directed by We Are From LA, the duo behind the video for Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’. It shows how much a driver can miss while looking at their phone for just 2.3 seconds while travelling at 30 miles per hour.

‘Windowlicker’ was released in 1999 and was Aphex Twin’s highest-charting single, reaching number 16 in the UK. Watch the original ‘Windowlicker’ video below.


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Correction: This article originally stated this was the first time one of Aphex Twin’s tracks was used in an ad and then that it was the first time ‘Windowlicker’ had been used in an ad. In fact, it’s neither: while the press release from THINK! stated than the ad was the track’s debut on a commercial, one reader has rightly said that it featured on a Mercedes-Benz ad – this one from 2003, to be exact. We apologize for the error.



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