Hear ‘Interlude 2’ from the acclaimed composer’s latest soundtrack.

Mica Levi has announced a vinyl release for her soundtrack to the anime Delete Beach on Demdike Stare’s label DDS.

Directed by Phil Collins and illustrated by famed designer Marisuke Eguchi, Delete Beach is a short film that explores a world where carbon-based energy is outlawed. The label notes the film “resonates with anime’s strong tradition of exploring eco-feminist themes and power dynamics, bother socio-political and technological.”

The release is available this week on vinyl (as a pair of 10″ LPs) and digital download. It marks Levi’s first time writing music for an animated film following scores for Under The Skin and Jackie.

Order Delete Beach here and look at the tracklist below.


01. ‘Delete Beach (Japanese)’
02. ‘Interlude 1’
03. ‘Delete Beach (Instrumental)’
04. ‘Interlude 2’
05. ‘Delete Beach (English)’

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