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FACT mix 633: Jay Glass Dubs

Ease yourself into 2018 with a soothing dub mix from the Greek producer.

Jay Glass Dubs is Dimitris Papadatos, a Greek artist whose muggy, strung-out dub mutations for labels such as Bokeh Versions, The Tapeworm and Seagrave have gained him a cult following over the past few years. Using classic dub production methods as a starting point, Papadatos weaves influences like shoegaze, darkwave and ambient into ghostly musical structures with hypnotic effect.

Papadatos came to wider attention in late 2017 with an EP on DFA Records that reworked tracks by New York noise punks Guerilla Toss, and Dubs, a compilation of his early tracks pressed to vinyl by Ecstatic Recordings. The latter is a must-listen for fans of the innovative dub and dancehall sounds of previous FACT mixers Equiknoxx and Seekersinternational.

The Athens artist describes his FACT mix as a throwback to some of the artists that influenced the Jay Glass Dubs sound, such as Tricky, Errol Brown and Sly & Robbie, and a document of some of his current musical obsessions, like Pessimist and Novo Line. It also features several Jay Glass Dubs productions alongside his own versions of tracks by Sade and Greek artist Lena Platonos. It’s a perfectly paced selection to ease you gently into 2018.


Gus Gus – ‘Is Jesus Your Pal’
This Heat – ‘Independence’
Jay Glass Dubs – ‘Sieben Dub’ (extract)
Lena Platonos – ‘Kathreftopoieia’ (Jay Glass Dubs Cracked Mirror Version) (Unofficial)
Mars 89 – ‘Shaman’s House’
Tricky – ‘My Evil Is Strong’
Jay Glass Dubs – ‘Definition Dub’ (Unreleased Vocal Version)
Sade – ‘Sally’ (Jay Glass Dubs Four Down Baby Version) (Unofficial)
D-Day – ‘Grape Iris’
Larry Gus – ‘Copy Propagation / Directed Acyclic Graphic Representation / e val’
Novo Line – ‘The Movement (Pythagoras 3)’
Errol Brown – ‘First World Dub’
Origin Unknown – ‘Valley Of The Shadows’ (Jay Glass Dubs Ambient Refix)
Christos Chondropoulos – ‘Desire As Love’
Jay Glass Dubs – ‘Perfumed Dub’
Andre Suku Gray – ‘Sign Rhythm’
Sly & Robbie – ‘Destination Unknown’
Icarus – ‘Bystanley Morecombefleet’
Pessimist – ‘Spirals’
Nikos Xydakis – ‘Proino’ (Jay Glass Dubs Glory Version)

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