The Thrill Jockey artist explains her rig in a new video.

Colleen‘s A flame my love, a frequency – FACT’s #2 album of 2017 – is a masterclass in crafting evocative music with a stripped-back palette of sounds. This is mirrored in her lean live setup, which the French artist has shared in a video walkthrough published by her label Thrill Jockey.

While many live electronic rigs are made up of bulky synths and vintage drum machines that require a complex tangle of wires to set up, Colleen’s live set includes only a few key parts: Critter & Guitari’s Septavox and Pocket Piano synths, Moog delay and filter pedals and EBS OctaBase octave divider pedal. These are fed through a mixer, which is also attached to a microphone for vocals.

“I’m on tour right now playing my last album. And this is the exact same setup I used in my recording studio to make the album which was basically recorded live, it’s just wired in a different way,” she explains in the video.

“In the studio it went through a sound card and computer software and here its all live going through a mixing desk, which involved learning how to patch things in an even more physical way than going through the software.”

Although her setup is quite minimal, each track involves very different mixer and effect settings. Colleen’s solution is a set of schematics that show the exact position of each knob and fader for each of the songs, allowing her to easily setup between tracks. If you’re trying to figure out a setup you can use in the studio and easily transport to a gig, Colleen’s rig is a great starting point. [via The Vinyl Factory]

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