It can also be controlled with an Apple Watch app.

Roland’s first new gadget of 2018 isn’t a synth, but a handheld audio recorder. The R-07 is being touted by Roland for its wireless capabilities, which allows it to be controlled remotely from your smartphone or connect to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones for easy playback.

The remote control function makes it easy to position the recorder wherever you need to for optimum recording and trigger the record function from your phone. Roland has even developed an Apple Watch app for the R-07 that will make hitting the record button even more seamless.

The R-07 also includes a one-touch scene mode. This allows you to call up preset recording settings that instantly adjust sample rate, record mode, limiter, low cut and input level for the situation. You can alter and save these if you have your own personal recording preferences.

Apart from these features, the R-07 appears to be a fairly standard audio recorder. It has two built-in microphones on top, support for MP3 and WAV formats, tuner and metronome, aux input and headphone output, built-in speaker and power over USB or two AA batteries.

Roland hasn’t announced a price or release date for the R-07 yet, but you can see it in action below.

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