The new instrument from the Deckard’s Dream creators is inspired by a rare French polysynth.

Japanese company Black Corporation – responsible for last year’s Yamaha CS-80 clone Deckard’s Dream – is debuting a new eight-voice polyphonic synth at this year’s Superbooth show in Berlin.

As Synthtopia reports, the Kijimi is inspired by the sound of the RSF Polykobol, a rare French polysynth from the late ’70s that was only available in very limited quantities. According to Instagram posts from Black Corporation, the synth will be available both pre-built and as a DIY kit.

KIJIMI will be available as a prebuilt and a DIY kit. #kijimisynth #blackcorporation

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Black Corporation hasn’t announced any pricing details yet, but if it’s anything like Deckard’s Dream, expect it to cost at least $1,199 for a pre-built model and $349 for a kit.

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