The artist behind two of our favorite albums of 2015 finally returns.

Experimental songwriter Alexandra Drewchin has announced her new Eartheater album IRISIRI after signing to Berlin label PAN earlier this year. Today you can hear the new single ‘C.L.I.T.’.

Drewchin explains in a statement that the title is an acronym for “Curiosity Liberates Infinite Truth.” The music follows that mantra with a collision of metal guitar riffs, elastic vocal distortions and unpredictable drum patterns. It’s a welcome return of the genre-melting psychedelia that made Eartheater’s first two albums — Metalepsis and RIP Chrysalis — two of our favorites of 2015.

IRISIRI follows Eartheater’s recent non-album single ‘Claustra’ and also features guest appearances from Moor Mother and Odwalla1221.

Look for IRISIRI June 8 via PAN and check out the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Peripheral’
02. ‘Inclined’
03. ‘Not Worried’
04. ‘Inkling’
05. ‘MTTM’
06. ‘Inhale Baby’ (ft. Odwalla1221)
07. ‘Curtains’
08. ‘Slyly Child’
09. ‘Switch’
10. ‘Trespasses’
11. ‘MMXXX’ (ft. Moor Mother)
12. ‘C.L.I.T.’
13. ‘OS In Vitro’



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