A new form that maintains “the spirit and vision of the original.”

The mighty DJ Stingray has sprinkled some of his dark electro magic on Lorenzo Senni’s 2017 trance roller ‘XAllegroX’ for a new two-track remix 12” that features Florian Hecker on the flipside.

Out July 20 on Warp, The Shape of RemiXXXes to Come sees Stingray “turn in a ominous offering built to scald the biggest rooms and the sweatiest basements,” while Hecker “subverts the euphoria by driving it to its inevitable melancholic endpoint,” according to the press release.

Senni and Stingray first met in London a few years ago and have been pals ever since. “I really respect his artistic direction and discipline so when the chance arose for me to remix it was a choice albeit very taxing mentally because I wanted to keep the standard high,” says Stingray in a press release.

“My definition of a remix is taking the song and enhancing, stripping down and adding – to present a new form while trying to maintain the spirit and vision of the original.” Check out the track below and pre-order a copy of the 12″ from Warp. A Tale Of Us remix will be included as a digital-only bonus.

This is not the first time Stingray has joined forces with Senni. In 2016, the balaclava-clad Detroit icon released a six-track EP on Presto!? called Purge. Stingray previously released Psyops For Dummies on Presto!? in 2012.

The Shape of RemiXXXes to Come follows Senni and Francesco Fantini’s original score for Yuri Ancarani’s Warp film The Challenge, which explores the lifestyles of the Qatari super-rich.

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