Hear ‘Akasha’s Tears’ and ‘Bean Qween’.

Earlier this week, ballroom luminary Byrell the Great tweeted about starting a new EP. For anyone worried about having to wait, good news: Byrell’s released two new tracks today.

“‘Akasha’s Tears’ was me digging deep into the tribal house sound that I love so much,” Byrell notes. “It started out as a runway beat I made before going to a ball. It somehow ended turning into [something] very dance-y by the time of the first drop, which one of my friends said ‘this is liberation on the dancefloor’. It’s very different from anything I’ve done but still has my sound and flare to it.” You can hear it on Viceland ballroom series My House.

“‘Bean Queen’ I made after a The Hangover kind of night, home still wanting to rage. The aggressive yet subtle drums gave me life while creating this.”

Check them out below.



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